Tips For Starting A Backyard Aquaponics System

If you’ve never tried it before, aquaponics may seem overwhelming, but it is really quite simple. Aquaponics is the art of farming with fish. Aquaponics is derived from two words – aquaculture, which is fish farming, and hydroponics, which is growing plants in water without any soil. Aquaponic makes use of fish waste to fertilize…

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Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Aquaponic systems are an extremely versatile way to grow your own organic vegetables.  It can be used for both personal and commercial use while simultaneously protecting the environment. Aquaponic Benefits for the Backyard Gardener Undoubtedly there is some work and cost involved in establishing an aquaponics system.  However, the benefits far exceed these. Aquaponics gives…

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Benefits That Aquaponics Offers

Aquaponics is actually a new approach to blend hydroponics with aquaculture, to produce a thing which has got the very best of the two techniques. Both of these methods generally have an unwanted toxic water build-up, which may lead to lost plant life as well as under-fed vegetation. This poisonous-water is incredibly harmful to the…

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Keeping Your Vegetable Garden Going as the Weather Heats Up

A vegetable garden is a real pleasure when you get a good start to it, but sometimes the weather takes a turn you just aren’t ready for. Things heat up fast and suddenly your perfect garden is wilting and dying. It’s a painful thing to see, but don’t accept defeat immediately. You may still be…

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Adding Mushrooms to Aquaponics

Many people like to add sliced mushrooms to their salads and sauteed mushrooms to their main course.  If you are already growing your own vegetables and fish, Mr. Spock would say it is only logical to grow your own mushrooms! Growing your own mushrooms is a great way to provide a regular supply high quality and…

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What You Need to Know About Buffering Agents

A buffering agent helps prevent a rapid change in pH of a solution when other substances are added or mixed with the solution.  For example, most shampoos are buffered so that they are slightly acidic. The buffer counteracts the alkalinity of soap. If either of these substances become too acidic or too alkaline, they could damage…

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Sometime Too Hot The Eye Of Heaven Shines

When the summer sun unleashes its relentless heat, it can be a challenge to keep the water in your aquaponics fish tank cool enough for your fish.  As the water temperature rises, the oxygen level decreases and your fish may start gasping for air.  Before they suffocate, you will need to take steps to keep…

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How Aquaponics Can Work For You

How many times did you want to grow your own vegetables, without chemicals or preservatives, just organic food that you, your children and your entire family can eat safely? How many times did you think for purchasing a land that will offer you the organic crops you long for? How many times did you wish…

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How I Fought and Won a Battle Against a Dreaded Algae Bloom…

A couple of months ago, I was very pleased when a friend remarked how clear my aquaponics fish tank was.  And it was, until about a week later when I saw the first signs of green starting to appear.  A few days later, the water was solid green and my fish were only visible when…

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Fluorescent grow lights

Grow Lights for Aquaponics

If you locate your aquaponic systems indoors such as in your garage, you will need grow lights for your plants. Here are a few tips on which types of lighting to consider. There are two types of effective grow lights available: fluorescent and high density discharge lamps (led). Each type of lamp has advantages and…

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