Adding Mushrooms to Aquaponics

Many people like to add sliced mushrooms to their salads and sauteed mushrooms to their main course.  If you are already growing your own vegetables and fish, Mr. Spock would say it is only logical to grow your own mushrooms!

Growing your own mushrooms is a great way to provide a regular supply high quality and good tasting mushrooms.. Many people think that growing mushrooms takes some special kind of skill or  growing conditions. But this is absolutely not true. In reality, mushrooms are as easy to grow, and are even easier to grow than many kinds of food.

Mushrooms often need less care and growing conditions so that even city dwellers can grow them! You can grow mushrooms in your own apartment. I know of city residents who have grown mushrooms in a box in their homes. Of course, if you live in the country, you have the opportunity to grow mushrooms on a far larger scale, simply because you probably have so much more space. But even if you live in the city, or have a garden shed, you could grow your own mushrooms.

All mushroom growing takes is some grow media and some mushroom spores or spawn and a place to grow them. That’s all that it takes to get started growing your own mushrooms. While mushrooms may not need much space, and may not require much care, the environment you provide them with can be all important.

Mushrooms do not like light. If you’re growing them inside your house, you can grow them in a box that will keep the light out and the temperature inside the box stable. If you are growing them in a shed or in your green house, you will need to ensure that there is a very little light on them, and also that you provide adequate moisture. You will also need to maintain a stable temperature range because mushrooms are very susceptible to changes in temperature.

That’s really all that it takes to grow mushrooms. You just need spawn and the growing medium. Place the spawn in the growing medium and place it in a dark, moist place. Water them regularly and pretty soon your mushrooms will be ready for harvest.

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